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[Champion Concept] Papirus, The Paper Mage

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Name: Papirus
Description: Paper Mage, with the ability to wield paper as a deadly weapon as well as use it to create lifelike illustrations.
Her skin is made of paper, as well as her layers dress. Adorns a peice of paper in one hand, and a sharp pen in the other.

Q: Sheeterate - Throws a razor sharp sheet of paper in target direction, hitting enemies in flight path.
While riding the Created Carnivore, Sheeterate returns back to Papirus dealing additional damage on return.

W: Ink Spill - Creates a teardrop zone, widest at furthest distance on ground. Slows enemy movement speed and increased reduction if hit with Sheeterate.
While riding the Created Carnivore, Ink Spill causes her and lion to pounce in direction of the spell, creating a surrounding pool of ink that slows enemies within and reduces their Defense and Magic Resist by a certain amount for the duration.

E: Layered Defense/Offense(Activated) - Papirus' paper dress applies more layers per level, gaining additional defense and magic resist. Upon activation, the defense bonus are instead applied to AP.
While riding the Created Carnivore, activation of this ability also increases movement speed.

R: Created Carnivore - Papirus illustrates a lion and summons it to life, riding the lion for a duration, effecting her other abilities. Upon reactivation during duration, Papirus dismounts the lion and it pounces towards an enemy, dealing magic damage. Deals less damage the longer the ability was active.

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Senior Member


Note: A paper based champion seems cool. However, I think Papyra would be a better female name.

Passive: You don't seem to have one.

Q: You didn't put numbers, so I'll suggest some. How about 55/65/75/85/95(+1.0) magic damage? It seems like a main damage skill for an APC, so it should hit hard. You also don't have range or cool down. I'd suggest 750 range and 15/14/13/12/11 second cool down.

W: Instead of calling it a teardrop, just say its a cone AoE. As for the slow numbers, I'd put 10/15/20/25/30% slow which doubles if hit by Sheeterate. For cool down I'd say 20/18/16/14/12 seconds.

E: is the active a toggle or a buff? Is the resistance/AP gain percentage based or flat amount per level?

R: "effecting" should be "affecting". Otherwise, it seems pretty good. The skill itself should last 3/5/7 seconds. The initial dismount damage should probably be 350/450/550 but should decrease by 25 for every second she's on it.

Overall, I like the concept. It coould use a bit of fleshing out, but the idea of a paper Mage is solid.

Could you also take a look at my concept?