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Champ select is dysfunctional in solo queue

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Every time I post in here about how no one wants anything but the solo lanes all of the special snowflakes come to downvote it because "but I love bot lane!" Well guess what, 90% of my games are over in champ select and someone has to dodge, sometimes BOTH times troll their own team in champ select. Everyone is calling solo lanes right now. By everyone I don't mean literally everyone, I'm trying to say it's a big enough problem that every queue has an issue of people fighting over a role, and it's almost always top or mid.

Only solution I can think of is to queue for specific roles. Yeah, it freezes the meta, but guess what? The meta has been the same thing now since like mid or late 2011. It's not going away. It doesn't NEED to change, it works fine. We need to fix this problem now so this game is playable and so people can enjoy it and not end up pissed off instead of happy after they finish a game of LoL or have to dodge a terrible team trolling. This specific role selection could apply only to solo queue ranked. If the meta shifts in the team scene, it can be altered to accommodate, or be vague in the first place to just specific lane/jungle, not amount of players in it.

I don't want to hear what you love, I want to hear objective opinions about how this is an issue and what we can do to fix it, because it's an undeniable issue. It's not anecdotal evidence when it's a problem that consistently happens at almost every Elo that isn't pro tier. The only solution I can think of besides what I suggested is to take it further and allow players to report, or even kick in champ select. Possibly even remove solo queue completely for ranked and force people to make teams, similar to WoW arena.

Roles being fun isn't the problem, there are plenty of people who enjoy bot lane but don't want to play it in solo queue. The problem is the relevance of bot lane in the early and some of mid game. It's not there unless they can turn a gank around and wipe out 3 people into dragon, which is rare. Most of the time bot lane is irrelevant for 20-25 mins, which is not a good role to be in for solo queue. Most games are over because the mid or jungler, sometime stop, make enough plays to secure the advantage. This is the flaw I see with bot lane right now.