Banned by tribinual for leaving

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yes but this is violating my human rights because i'm sick to death of the toxic players
Dude, shut your lil hippy ass up. Violating your human rights how? Are they telling you you can't enter a building, can't ride the bus, have to use specific region? WTF ARE YOU SMOKING!??!?!?!!?

Get you're uneducated ass out of here and go outside with your lil smelly hippy friends in the park, smoke weed, and play hacky sack.

Wait, you probably don't have friends and just think your smart because you watch all the hippy videos on the internet.

Go to the park, find the smelly people (those are the ones you'll blend in with, and don't worry about the smell, you prob smell just as bad so won't notice) they'll prob have dreds, some tie dye, and probably sitting in a circle listening to music or playing hacky sack. This is your crowd. There you can argue how your human rights are being violated in a video game. Then wait for them to laugh at you because even those hippys will think, u no smart.