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Leavers and elo

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Hey all!

With the start of Season 3 right upon us I wanted to bring up a topic that's relevant to all ranked players: leavers.

The Problem:

It can be especially frustrating after waiting in the ranked queue for several minutes after a series of dodges to finally enter a game and have someone leave two minutes in. You hopelessly wait for them to comeback and, upon realizing that it's never going to happen, you surrender. After swallowing sadness and bidding farewell to some of your hard earned elo you're left with a terrible taste in your mouth. You've wasted time and elo but your only fault was that your mate bailed.


If an ally has been disconnected for ten minutes or more prevent the other summoner's elo from decreasing if they lose the game. Also, if a summoner disconnects from ranked games repeatedly maybe they could be issued a temp ban from ranked queue and suffer an elo decrease. This gives the disconnected summoner quite a bit of time to try and reconnect. This also helps prevent premade summoners from dcing near the end of the game to protect their duo partner's elo. I would recommend increasing the time for disconnection up to fifteen for five-man premade teams because this policy could be abused with a shorter time limit.

The temp ban and elo decrease also discourages summoners from abusing the system. I don't know how many games I would suggest waiting on before issuing a temp ranked ban but I do know that leavers are very toxic and frustrating to deal with. I feel a few exceptions should be allowed just in case there are issues outside of the summoner's control: Internet failure, power outage, or even RL problems (yes, there can be things more important than games @_@)! For summoners with genuine problems the system grants a little slack. However, for repeat offenders, the system steers them away from ranked queues while still allowing them to play.

Don't we already have Leaver Buster?
We most certainly do! Leaver Buster has done an excellent job discouraging summoners from leaving in the middle of games. Unfortunately Leaver Buster doesn't help you when you're one win away from gold and your jungler decides to take off. The poor conduct of the summoner is dealt with but you and your team still pay for their actions.

But that doesn't solve it all!

I know, I know. This will not solve every issue and there is still the potential for abuse. There are thousands of "what ifs" and "did you consider this?" scenarious. Every possible possibility can not be imagined or prepped for by an entire design team so I sure that's plenty that I've missed as a single summoner...TT___TT

But that's where you come in!

If you like the idea or you have a suggestion on how to make it better, leave a comment!