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[Temp Fix] Windows 8 till tab out of the game after clicking in certain areas

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Junior Member


Generally brought upon when the player clicks on the lower and or upper left-hand corner of the screen in Full Screen mode in Windows 8 - Windows 8 will tab the player out of the game and into the tiles menu, the desktop, or the most recently opened window.

The player can also notice the cursor change back to the default Windows pointer in the extreme lower left hand corner of the screen thereby telling the player that the game is not in fact 'overlaying' the Windows environment.

Temporary Fix:
¤ Open the client and join/create a game
¤ Tab out of the game and press CTRL-Shift-Esc to open the Windows 8 task manager
¤ In the processes tab, click the the arrow to expand the League of Legends (TM) Client
(## bit) entry
¤ Then right click on the League of Legends (TM) Client entry and select Maximize

This will then tab the user back into the game and alleviate any 'tabbing' issues the client might have.

Hope this helps... this was driving me utterly insane. Also, this might be a perm fix as I haven't had any issues since employing this fix several days ago.

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savage wooky

Junior Member


I am currently having the same issue. If anyone knows of a way to fix it, it would be appreciated.

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Thanks, this helped me out today.

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Junior Member


This fixes it.