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Looking for Duo(adc player preferred) 1000+ elo range

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Hello I'm looking for someone who is decent as an adc that I can support for.

I do have some requirements though.

- Around 1000 elo
- Have a wide range of ADCs and are able to play with a wide range of ADCs effectively.If you don't know what last hitting is, or can't do it effectively, then you need to find another thread.
- If you want to try something new out, DO IT IN CLASSIC PLAY.
- I hate to set an age requirement but I would like to play with someone 16 or older.
- YOU MUST speak English. No hablo Espanol.
- A type of VOIP program would be preferred but not required.
- I prefer to play during the morning to afternoon, but I can play nights as well. (7:00am to 6:30pm EST) Just note that I am a college student and I have classes on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday night.

I'm mainly looking for a person who basically has gone through my situation. My high in season 2 was 1305 elo. Then I got kindly acquainted with leavers and trolls.(did not have any idea at the time that they still existed) I dropped all the way down to 850 elo where I stagnated for about a good 3 months. Recently, I have raised my elo by over 100 points and am slowly trying to climb my way back up. Finding a duo queue partner to carry with, can speed up this process.

Like I mentioned in my requirements. I prefer that the person know a lot about the game, that way I don't really have to teach them anything. If you don't know what last hitting is, then you really should go back to classic play until you figure it out. As an adc you need to be able to know whether to be passive or aggressive, learn when to overextend and when not to. I generally play an aggressive support, especially when I have pulls and stuns at my disposal. If the enemy becomes extremely aggressive, I normally play a bit more passive and wait for them to make a mistake.

I pretty much have every single support you can name excluding lulu. My favorite champs among my cast of supportees is: Taric, Leona, Soraka, and Thresh. I can also play a decent sona, nami, and morgana when needed (only played her a few times). Other support champs which I have not played or mastered fully is: Nunu, Karma, and Kayle. I have Shen but I prefer to play him in the top lane.

Hopefully what you've read above completes your journey of finding a support summoner to duo with. I'm always more than happy to do other lanes than support (excluding jungling, I hate jungling) but it's easier to carry games when you have a good support and adc working together with the same mindset.

Thanks for reading, feel free to either comment or add me. I will try to speak with you as soon as possible.

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hit me up

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Heya, I usually play ADC, mostly mf but some graves or cait. Ive tried getting into ranked matches but so far have found the players to be worse than in classic play. Would be up for trying out a duo strat.