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Maokai not following Trynd spin

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I played a game of jungle Maokai and was fighting a Tryndamere. I noticed multiple times that when I Twisted Advanced onto him that I would not follow him as he spun away. As Maokai I have always followed champions as Maokai unless I lost vision before the casting was done.

I tried a custom match and found that wherever Maokai hits Tryndamere during his spin is where Maokai will land, while Tryndamere always completed his spin before being rooted at the end of his spin. This was most obvious when Tryndamere spun towards Maokai where Maokai would stop where he met Tryndamere with Tryndamere ending up rooted where Maokai was.

I was also able to get it so that if Tryndamere waited long enough Maokai would land on Tryndamere but he would still be able to spin away as long as it was casted right before Twisted Advance hit.

Unfortunately I lack the programs to record a video, but it is easily replicable and I feel something that shouldn't be happening. Either Maokai should follow Tryndamere, or he should be stopped mid spin.