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State of Player Behavior on the PBE - Present and Future

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Nobody ever gives honors on PBE, on normal I have a teamwork ribbon but I have a single teamwork honor on PBE.

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We've considered this option in the past, but there's some interesting questions.

1) Do we give the player who voluntary drops out a bonus? If so, what is the bonus?
2) Is there a bonus to the remaining members of the team of 5, or why would they use this option instead of just winning the game with their 1-man advantage?
3) Is there potential for bullying where a team tends to pick on the support player and tries to vote them off the island?
4) Is working on a solution like this more valuable than working on a solution that simply reduces the number of games that end up 4v5?

I like this idea overall. I think it could work as I've even afked sometimes when I was on a 5 man versus a 4 man. I like the challenge, unfair advantages are boring. To the concerns:

1) Yes. IP.
2) Yes. IP.

For these, the person who drops should get more bonus IP than the remaining people, since they will be getting win or loss ip from the game. You'd have to crunch the number but a sa random example, everyone who stays gets 25 IP, the person willing to leave gets maybe 100. And of course, no queue penalty when they try to play again.

Alternately, Give them all the same bonus of 25 or so, and give the person willing to leave half of the IP the rest of the team got from the game once it's over (but not giving them a first win bonus). either sound relatively fair to me.

I'm not sure how it is atm, but I think there should be an IP penalty for winning a 5v4, say IP equivalent to losing (it is a team game, being unsportsmanlike is not winning in my opinion). there should be a corresponding bonus for winning a 4v5 as well. If this is or was the case, then this would be incentive for someone to willingly leave, especially if the person who left got some portion of the IP from the game.

3) Honestly, in SR the support probably should be the one more willing to leave. Their job is to support the team; if giving the team more IP by leaving is how they support so be it! But I don't see an issue here really. The team may ask the support to leave, but that doesn't force them to.

The team could flame or abuse the support, but that's what the tribunal is for. Report the ragers, flamers, or what have you as normal and let the systems in place deal with them.

4) Well. That depends. Working on solutions to help prevent rage quitting and the like is excellent and should be worked on. But the simple fact is regardless, 4v5's will happen. Sometimes people legitimately DC, there's really no system you can implement to fix that. The solution proposed here is simple enough to implement, at least for testing on the pvp, and helps alleviate frustrations of the inevitable. The solution to fixing rage quitting and such is considerably more complex and, while it's still worth looking into, devoting some effort to fix a problem that would still arise anyways sounds pretty cost effective to me. Especially considering, even if you did perfectly fix people (which you won't) so they never leave a game, you can't fix connection issues, and would eventually end up putting effort into this very thing anyways.

5) What if the person on the opposing team rejoins/ finally connects? Will your teammate that volunteers to leave be able to reconnect (aka they can't play another game until the one in play ends, which isn't very fun / rewarding for them ) or will you just simply be left in an unfair situation?

Question posed by AbyssionKnight.

Excellent question. But not unsolvable. Let's consider some different cases.

A teammate never connects in the first place (internet crashed, pc crashed, life happened, etc):

The other team should have the option to make it a 4v4 right away. If they do, once the person who never connected finally does manage to log in, they should get a nice little message letting them know what happened, and then be able to queue normally. Not forcing them to return to the game.

This shouldn't carry any queue penalties or the like. If it was a ranked game, you may decide to disable ranked queue until they successfully complete (win or lose) another queue type (including ARAM once it goes live), since ranked is highly competitive and people want to play 5v5's not 4v4. (Relatedly, again unsure how it is live since I don't bother with ranked, but winning 5v4 shouldn't affect ranking, and winning 4v5 should affect it more). Overall, you shouldn't punish a person for something they almost certainly had no control over.

Worth noting, if the 5v4 team gets 10 kills before agreeing to 4v4, there really shouldn't be a bonus for that as it really wasn't even a 4v4. At least not much of one. Make it so that there a pretty decent IP bonus for going 4v4 before first blood, and then maybe half the IP reward consecutively for each kill before they go 4v4. It may also be worth taking cs and towers into consideration here as well.

Teammate disconnects after game has started, most likely due to raging.

Hopefully, as Lyte mentioned, more methods will developed to reduce these occurrences (the ongoing discussion about champion select could produce helpful results here). But in the end, it's still going to happen from time to time. And, sometimes internet or computer issues do creep up in the middle of the game.

I still stand by the IP reward system for being sportsman like. but there are sub-cases here to consider.

CASE 2-a:
The teams were on equal footing when the person left (calculated from kills, cs, towers, and total gold). In this case the reward should be roughly the same as case 1.

Case 2-b:
The team with the leaver was losing. In this case, if the other team agrees to go 4v4, they should still get a bonus, but it should be considerably less than otherwise. They already have an advantage and are likely to win the game 5v4 or 4v4, so they'll already get the win IP. The reward should be scaled appropriately, the bigger the lead was, the less the IP reward is.

Case 2-c:
The team with the leaver was winning. In this case, if the other team agrees to go 4v4 they should get a bigger IP bonus for really being team players. They could've used the advantage to get on top, but not taking advantage of an unfair situation just because you can is cause for some small reward.

Of note, in each of these sub-cases, the score should be considered from when the 4v4 was agreed to. If a winning team loses a player, and the opposing team pushes the advantage to get back on top, they should suffer the penalties of case 2-a.

And you probably also shouldn't give a bonus if they go 4v4 shortly before the game ends. At that point, someone probably just agreed to leave because they knew win or loss was a guarantee and wanted to move on to the next game.

I think there would be some other tweaks here and there that would come up. But that's what the PBE is for eh? I say toss it together, throw it out there a week and see what happens. I'd definitely give my feedback.

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Tbh, I wish there was a filter in the chat.. After a player says a certain amount of bad words. There chat should be temporarily disabled..

Meaning if i said.. in one sentence,

F*ck you TEEMO!! , You F*cking bastard! I Will f*cking r*pe you so hard.

They would have chat disabled for about 10 seconds, so they can't sit there and spam bad words 24/7 disrupting everyone.

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Sounds like an IP ban can possibly fix the problem of creating new accounts.

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Sounds like an IP ban can possibly fix the problem of creating new accounts.

dunno... if some people concern on poisoning your game, such a thing won't prevent them from it... only a good penalty IRL gonna stop'em.

Also, if the team that got less players than the other will be rewarded with bonus ip... I bet you, that some people will use their smurfs and leave on purpose to get more ip.

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Mr Mystical

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using the honor system on PBE can be very helpful and I wish more people would use it.

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Great to hear