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Recruiting: 4 High Level Players

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Captain Fingers

Junior Member


you should take me, because i dont claim to be the "be all end all" LoL player

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ID: North
Location: Canada, Ottawa ON.
Playing ability: 9/10
Play Style: Tank, Support
Best Heros: 10/10 Alistar, 9/10 Janna, 8/10 Taric, 8/10 Morgana
Playable heros: Shaco, Rammus, Nasus, Karthus (yes I can actually play him well), Kayle, Evelynn, Ashe, Annie, Soraka
Avalibility: Whenever.
Relevent Skills: Lane/Map Awareness, Last Hitting, Agressive starter, Pusher, Healer, Tower Defender.
Extra Comments: Been playing since early beta (got addicted on the first day of play). I take my game seriously and have a strong team ethic. I'm sick of losing with a team full of people who should never have left the practice room. I watch the map like a hawk and know how to call mias and assist.

I have vent and all that jazz.