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An idea to avoid trolls,random picks,noob champion bans,etc.

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hello there. well this idea is specifically for ranked games,in queue to be exactly. there is no doubt that these kind of problems affect us terribly. we want people who cooperate in queue with their respective positions but sometimes ,and not only sometimes , many times i would say, there is someone who wants to troll and ruin the game just to annoy players and others cry over their position and pick up wrong champions on purpose when his or her position is taken. there are cases in which players ban the wrong champions on purpose too . these problems make us dodge and wait long hours to play that's unfair because the troll or annoying player doesn't want to leave .

so after all these problems i was thinking of an idea to prevent this

how about adding an option to kick by the votes of the players? a small box can be added on every player and if one of the players starts annoying ,trolling or screwing the game in queue , 4 players can vote to kick the player by marking the small box.

this option is in case the player who causes the problem doesn't want to dodge the game.

the kicked player can be penalized with 1 hour of wait .and if he continues doing it , with 2 hours ,3 hours and so on.

now if the player is kicked what can happen?

one of these option can be used :

1 : change the player for another one

2: cancel the game .

in this way i guess these annoying players won't like to troll . and we won't dodge because of these fools.

what do you think?