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Support response about "duo queuing" validates concept of ELO Hell

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They replied with this line multiple times:

but teaming up with a friend can help accelerate your return to the appropriate skill level.

What the actual hell. Then they rant about how they cannot corrupt the system. I was just wondering if it was possible to redo my placement matches. I was at game 9 and had been trolled/AFKd on almost every single game by at least 1 person.

So the correct strategy is to duo queue. Hmmm. Also to dodge bad games. And they say they are worried about the system being corrupted.

What a load of manure.

Hello again,

I understand the potential for abuse. However, this would be no different from the many pros who make smurf accounts, many accounts, so they have more than one to play ranked with, and can have different placement matches and even dodge games if they are not ideal. How is that not abuse? My issue is just wanting to have a CLEAN SLATE for my placement, I am not asking for any adjustment. How could this in any way be abuse? There are players ONLY with no ELO rating in my placement games. How is that not totally random?

I had 6 afks on my teams in all different in my first 9 matches. How could I possible be at my appropriate starting ELO? I tried duo queuing, but it just puts us in with 3 other people who have not played ranked any, and the other team is simply stronger.

I think it should be assumed on your end that I will uninstall and spend no money on this game if my placement matches are not available for redo. Imagine getting AFKS in all your placement matches. After you have leveled all the way to level 30.

You state:

"Unfortunately, it's not possible for me to reset or adjust Elo values for a player."

I do not have an ELO yet, so this is not a problem.


On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 5:48 PM, League of Legends Player Support <support@riotgames.zendesk.com> wrote:
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Hey Kagame,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated your request (#4943758). Just reply to this e-mail or click the link below to add any additional comments.


Best of luck on the Fields of Justice!

Infinite Veritas (League of Legends Player Support)
Jan 24 15:48 (PST)

Greetings Kagame,

Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately, it's not possible for me to reset or adjust Elo values for a player. Our system was set up this way to prevent corruption. Ratings do adjust quickly, but teaming up with a friend can help accelerate your return to the appropriate skill level.

I am sorry I couldn't help you more directly, but please let me know if you have any other questions.

Infinite Veritas
Riot Games Player Support Specialist

"What was, is, and will forever be." -Nocturne

Jan 22 14:49 (PST)

I have encountered two extreme problems:

1) the bizarre lag has been intermittent during my first 10 placement matches. I know this is an issue with LoL servers, not my own internet
-this has severely hurt my play, especially at start in Jungle
-as this problem is intermittent, I kept playing

2) I have been trolled 5 of my first 6 ranked matches.

-2 Full blown AFKS
-1 Vi support
-1 Fiora support
- 1 hardcore rager support who would not stop berating the Kogmaw ADC who was feeding ridiculously hard

I would like my matches reset to 0 so I can start placement over.

If ELO is really a fair system, it should be to no real impact on RIOT for me to have this courtesy extended to me. Eventually my ELO would be the exact same. I just don't want to suffer through low ELO games at the start and deal with more trolling till luck evens out.

IMO, new placement matches should be allowed for ANYONE. Maybe every 50 games or so. This would alleviate all concerns about ELO Hell. Also, people do this anyway my making other accounts, so it would merely help cut down on smurfing, which ruins low level games.

Thank you,

This email is a service from League of Legends Player Support. Sent by Riot Games.

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I find it really sad that people would waste time bothering League of Legends Support with requests to adjust their elo. Just wow. Must be a super annoying thing to deal with and the response that you are siting is likely a designed response and would be the response from any support staff about an elo reset inquiry.

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Baxter the Teddy

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Wingsofdeath went 4-6 in his placement matches. What is his ELO now? 10 games do not matter in ELO, even placement. It is a LONG HAUL system, designed around 1000 games to get your TRUE ELO.

You are the problem. Not the system.

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at least Riot responded to you, i havent played other mobas but i know that Riot has the best response to its player base. they are doing ALOT to fix the problems of elo hell, matchmaking is getting upgraded, the league points system is going to help alot too.

ultimately i used to blame my elo on trolls too. but its not about my lack of carrying but my lack of PEOPLE SKILLS in bringing a team together and turning trolls into teamates that kept me down. it takes a team to win. click no for surrender and let your charisma win games.

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So what is the point of placement matches if they are completely invalid as any real indicator of skill?

You are placed by short term results when everyone knows the only way to get even remotely accurate ELO is by HUGE NUMBERS of games, and duo queued ones at that.

Broken. System.