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Dread, The Darkness!!

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Dread, The Darkness

Thrash has finally collected enough souls to release me from the pits of hell. They will be no mercy, I'll bring death to all summoners.

hey guys just a random idea I had thought might could be pretty cool.

Pretty much he is like the devil himself, finally set free to cause chaos upon all.

This guy is meant to be a jungler.

Passive: Each minion kill grants + 2.5 att damage stacking up to 20 times, loses all stacks upon death. Allowing him +50 extra att damage with the full 20 stacks.

Q : Burning Chains- deals att and magic damage and also slows emenys for 1 sec. good thing about this move is its like Evelyns Q, the cooldown is but around 2 - 3 secs so you can keep spamming this move.

W : Shadows- sending out a death horse to stun the enemy targeted for 1 sec.
After performing this Ability it becomes a 2nd ability upto 3 secs. Which is called: Curse of Death- placing a dot on the selected target that deals magic damage for upto 4 seconds.

E: Exchange- which fast teleports you to the target that you just stunned with your W-Shadows.
After being used Exchange becomes a new ability called Feed usable upto 3 seconds before returning to Exchange.. Feed- Dread bites his target for a percent of damage to heal his self for that amount.

Finally the best move of all. His Ult !

R: Death Bringer- Just like Darius's Ult, If you kill the Champion target with Death Bringer, Death bringer is refreshed along with all of Dread's abilities. Dealing true damage to Champions. And gaining 50 Ability power on Champ kills and 15 On Champion Assists. Stacks with kills, But upon death You lose 50%.

Wth Dread you want to build Hp/tanky, with A select few or AP items Or AD just because of his ultimate and his passive.

He is really complicated and hard to master, Here is his rotation, but just a reminder he is all about the right timing and skill of not missing your stun.

W- stun - E- teleport to target- W- to Curse- Q- to slow- E- to regain life works really great when your fighting against more then just one champ at a time. Then just repeat or if you think you can get the kill then be sure to use your ultimate if you have reached lvl 6 to gain the AP, even if you miss and don't get the kill you still can get +15 for an assist so your ult isn't totally wasted. You can possiably start ganking at Lvl 2 as long as your laner is paying attention and has The damage to get the kill or help you get it. But it be best to wait til Lvl three so you can get a good combo on your target.

Oh and the Name Dread Isn't a for sure name, Just first thing I could think of but wanted to lay this out and see what everyone thought about it. So let me know?

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