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Lag spikes during Gameplay

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I am having ping spike problems in game and occasional disconnects, they just started yesterday morning out of the blue but do not occur for other games. Provider is Cox and they swear it is not them. Modem power levels are fine and I am wired into the modem/router (zoom 5350 not more than 2 months old) I have looked through forums and have done everything I can. OS is Win7. I have updated everything I can through windows update, have the latest AMD graphics drivers (13.1), the latest updates for my network card. I have tried different DNS's, pando media was already uninstalled and p2p is not checked. Problem still persists. Attached are my trace routes and ping tests, the league of legends website and league of legends the two Ping tests were done at roughly the same time to show the inconsistencies. The Berkeley site is down but I can post results it when its back up. Any other guidance would be appreciated.