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Summoner's Code

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Hi! I know this isn't exactly the proper place to discuss the summoner's code, but than... there really isn't a place for Random suggestions like this. (This part of the forum looked the best for it).

Summoner's Code Section I:
Being a good team player begins at champion select. Be open minded when considering the needs of your team. If you’re the last one to pick, try to fill a niche in your team that hasn’t already been filled. If everyone’s picked and something stands out as a deficiency in your team composition, try asking for another player to fill the gap, or change roles to embrace that responsibility yourself. Remember, that by taking on a role you don’t normally play, you’ll learn more about unfamiliar champions and increase your own skill level.

I'm going to assume that this is the part of the Summoner's code that has caused quiet a few arguement in the champion selection screen. Rarely do you see something like this called out in blind pick, though generally people don't use normal team composition there either. But if we took this line out of the summoner's code and applied it, it would cause people to often autolock to 'follow' the rules, having a team of people who locked in right as they entered to make sure they weren't last pick. This luckily doesn't happen, but if people followed it as the wording it would cause a lot of team comps that didn't make sense and secured a loss.

For Draft though this causes large arguments because of the positioning someone is lined up in. I'd support a change to the summoner's code to honor calls in chat over what position in the que someone has. I'd rather have the support and jungle first and second pick, but generally if we followed this, the first roles called would be top and mid (being solo lanes) And can put your team at a quick disadvantage because of how easy it would be to counter pick them.

The last reason I mention wanting the change, is because I don't think this Explicitly says "Your place in the picking line gives you dominance." If it is supposed to make it say so even though I disagree. Or if you agree with my arguments please change it to something like, "If you're the last to call a position, please honor those calls and fill whatever niche your team seems to need."

Thanks for taking the time to read through this! GLHF With your games! And Lots'a Love!

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This arbitrary faceroll your keyboard and spam a position system is unfair and completely braindead. It's a race that inherently favors those with better connections and computers while adding nothing but anxiety and wasted time from frequent dodging.

There are many better solutions and several have been outlined in these forums. Even going by random pick order is vastly more efficient. Although, it has its own problems since if the first pick is mid, countering will be easy.