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Ganking the rift

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Cheshire Lunacy

Senior Member


They were the best of times, they were the worst of times, but mostly they were just moments of running for ones life as Rhyze threw stuns and silences at them.

Miss fortune, and Sona had as always worked their bottom lane, as always Sona would use her Hex tech DJ “arcade version” keyboard DJ system to enhance the features of her skills,

and miss Fortune would clear waves of the summoner's rift automated defense minions (ADM for short)

it was then that they saw it, Teemo had shifted from mid lane, Rhyze was on his way, Trundle and Draven where flowing into bottom range,

Sona tried to keep Miss fortune full mana so she could keep up her qaudra bullet times but Rhyze's silences didn’t help, Teemo had placed mushroom bombs everywhere and Draven was absolutely destroying Miss Fortunes health bar.

It was then Sona and Miss Fortune's hero arrived. Gangplank sombered up and with a single shot destroyed Draven, took down Teemo, and Rhyze trying to flee as fast as he could could not get far as in his flight flew right into blue teams turret.