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Now that they nerfed Armor Penetration Runes . . . .

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The Itis

Senior Member


That's odd, I remember hearing that AD was the biggest waste for runes within reason (clearly energy runes are truly the biggest waste if you're playing mana char)

So if I play tristana bloodthirster/phantom/infedge, is armor pen or attack damage better?
I get the feeling it depends on who's receiving my bullets but it would be safe to assume a tanky char since that's what is hot these days. Besides, if I'm at all effective against a tanky/armor char, there's no reason I wouldn't melt a caster that much faster.

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Theres a couple good mathcrafting threads floating around on this subject. Plain and simple, it depends.

In general, Armor pen runes are better for mid game. Flat AD are great for early game, AD per level get ok for late game. Its pretty complex now, theres a ton of factors. You need to take into account your character base damage, Armor of opponent, any damage mitigation skills, whether any of your skills scale with AD, and whether or not you get armor pen items.

If you have the armor pen runes, just keep them. They're still viable in general. If you really want to min/max your character rune page (jax/akali etc), feel free to get AD marks.