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Riot is the new Treeline Map a Success over the old one?

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Hey look a Smurf

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I miss the old TT. I reckon the new one takes a lot of elements out of the game. I think Riot over did it with the new one, actually. From the first time I saw it, I knew that it was probably worst than the old one. Here's a list why I think it's worse compared to the old one:

1. Bushes. There are quite I fair bit of bushes I would say, but I find the positioning is bad. You can barely even gank now or move around without getting killed.

2. Champions. If you get a good line-up of champions against weaker ones, you would defintely win. Champions with good gap-closers and burst of damage (Like Xin Zhao) often tend to be more dominant. Whereas I don't find it a problem in the old TT. Except for Singed, in the old and new, he's still too strong. :-(

3. Jungle. Now that Riot took a bunch of the jungle out, it's really a big problem. You can't really jungle without dying or even juke. I remember the old map, it is possible to juke champions easily and it was really fun, but now, it's so hard to escape.