Jinx fan fiction. (The day Jinx became good)

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Hello! This is a little fan fiction I came up with the other day. I didn't spend too much time on my spelling and such so some things may be spelled wrong or just seem out of place. (I wrote this in the hopes riot would gift me Vi as I already have Jinx >.<) Enjoy!

Jinx woke up to the sound of the radio.
She didn't want to hear it, she quickly flipped the radio off. "Today is the day"
She whispered. She hopped up, almost falling over from the momentum of her lithe hop. She look over at her arsenal of weapons. "Which one?" She grinned, she knew exactly what to use. She ran over to Pow-Pow. She looked at Pow-Pow for a moment. Remembering all the good times they had. She flung Pow-Pow over her shoulder and ran over to her box of grenades. She grabbed 5 exactly. "Perfect." She whispers. Jinx is filled with determination. This is the day. The day where she will become truly happy. Jinx runs over to her missile room. She sets 5 to launch. Of course, she will have to ride one. She readies the one in the middle to ride. "5432" She pauses. Jinx looks over at a picture, she smiles one last time, and pushes the button.
Jinx loves flying on her missiles. She feels so free. She sees Piltover in the distance. "Destination in sight" she whispers. She readies Pow-Pow. The two missiles to her right split off from her. Taking target to two different buildings, the two to the left mimic shortly after.
Jinx is heading straight for town square, it will start there. She plans to end it where it all began. The missile is ready to split off from Jinx. She jumps off the missile landing in the center of town square. "Leave. I am waiting for someone and I don't want you creeps here while I wait." Jinx fires some shots into the air. Scaring off the civilians. Jinx gets to work, She starts engraving the ground. Jinx can hear the Piltover enforcer bots coming down the road, she quickly leaves and hides in the shadows and waits. The enforcer bots arrive, seeing no sign of jinx they return to base.
Caitlyn runs into Vi's room. "It's jinx."
Vi looks up, she was playing chess by herself. "She is somewhere near town square." Caitlyn says. "Let's go. We don't want her to escape." Vi nods her head and runs out of the room after Caitlyn. After a short run Vi and Caitlyn arrive at town square. "Where is she?" Vi asks. She wants to get right into the action. "I don't know, start looking around." Vi turns towards the magnificent fountain in the middle of the square. She runs up too it. looking around for any sign of jinx she stumbles into a engraving. "Hey Vi! It's Jinx. Get Caitlyn to leave and we can fight!" Vi looks over at Caitlyn. She knows that she is not supposed to do anything without Caitlyn's permission, but Vi has a something to settle with Jinx. Perhaps she can do it once and for all. Vi runs over to Caitlyn, "Maybe it was just a hit and run Cait, can we just go home?" Caitlyn sighs and looks at the ground "I suppose." She muttered "Not like we can sit here all day and wait." Caitlyn starts walking off. "You coming?" She asks. "No." Vi replies. "I am going to look around a bit more." Caitlyn doesn't say anything. She just walks off. Vi looks over at the fountain again. She walks over and sits on the edge, after about 10 minutes she gets bored and gets ready to go home. Jinx has other plans though. She finally shows up, hopping off a small building she walks over to Vi. "Hey Vi." She says. She has a smile on her face as usual. Vi doesn't hesitate, she throws a powerful punch hitting Jinx right in the stomach, knocking her back a few feet. "That hurt! It's my turn." Jinx readies a grenade, but to Vi's surprise jinx quickly fires Pow-Pow. hitting her, sending her flying backwards. Vi stands back up, readying another punch. Jinx throws her grenade, almost hitting Vi, Vi dodges the next couple rockets. "Stand still!" Jinx yells. Readying another grenade. Vi notices something strange, Jinx is counting down. Each grenade she throws she goes down another number. 5432. Jinx stops. Vi is confused but does not hesitate. She doesn't want to miss her chance, she readies one last swing. This one will be the kicker. She throws her punch with such force, she goes flying with jinx, landing against the wall and then the ground. Jinx is laying on top of her, extremely hurt. "One." Jinx whispers in Vi's ear. Vi didn't have enough time to react. Jinx pulls the ring on the grenade Boom. Jinx and Vi are both still alive. Jinx is worse off then Vi is. Vi stands up and hobbles over to jinx. "Wasn't that so much fun?" Jinx asks. Vi looks down at jinx with disgust. "Tell me if jail is fun." Vi handcuffs jinx. Jinx is still smiling even after all of this. Vi wonders what is running through this freak's mind. Vi takes jinx back to the station and throws her in a cell. Vi heads to Caitlyn's office to tell her the news. "I caught jinx." Vi says. Caitlyn is surprised. "Wow. Very well done. What cell is she in?" "5C" Vi replies. Caitlyn runs out of the office with not another word. Vi heads back to her room and hops into her bed. She is so exhausted She quickly drifts away, and sleeps.
Caitlyn wakes Vi up. "She wants to see you" Vi hops up. She leaves her room and heads to cell 5C. Jinx has her head bowed down. She is still smiling. Vi walks in, looking at Jinx with disgust. "What do you want?" Vi says. Jinx doesn't respond for a moment. She is thinking. "Remember the mine?" She asks. Vi never forgets it. "Yes. Why?" Jinx is still smiling. "You changed then." Jinx says. "You became something different. You had a change of heart." Vi thought about it. "Yea? So?"
Jinx stopped smiling. Vi had never seen jinx without a smile. Jinx started to laugh, The laughter was strong. But it faded, as the laughter faded she started to cry. Vi actually saw jinx cry. "I miss you Violet!" Jinx broke down, she was on the floor sobbing like a child. "Jinx, you haven't called me that in years." Jinx could hardly speak. He tears were everywhere. "I want my sister back!" Jinx says. She is actually sad. This isn't another plot for sick destruction. Vi can't believe what she is seeing. Her sister, Jinx, is crying. Vi thought Jinx didn't want Vi in her life anymore. "Vi, I miss the good old days." Vi gets down and holds Jinx in her arms. "I do too, But I have changed and so can you." Vi can sense that she is about to cry as well. Jinx looks up at her. Her eyes are so dim, she isn't the normal Jinx. "Can I really change? After all I have done?" Vi looks up thinking about it, would Caitlyn offer Jinx the chance to change? Just as she did with Vi? "Yes, you can. Everyone can." Jinx's eyes brighten a bit. "I miss you so much Vi. Your all I have left. The group abandoned me." Vi becomes mad. The Group. The same group that had got her into crime. "Do you know where they are now Jinx?" Vi asks. "No. They left me because you became a enforcer. They thought I would lead you too them." Vi picks Jinx up off the floor. "Stay here. I need to talk to Caitlyn really quick." Vi sits Jinx on the small chair and walks out of the cell. Jinx is still crying, she has so many emotions running through her.
Vi calls out to Caitlyn. Caitlyn comes running down the hall. "Everything alright?" Caitlyn asks. "Yes." Vi replies. "I just have a question." Caitlyn looks at Vi, she can see she is about to ask something she is not to sure of. "Can Jinx have a chance to change?" Caitlyn bursts out with laughter. "Are you serious?" She asks. Caitlyn can't take her seriously. Why would they put the most wanted criminal on the police force! It's just crazy to even think of. "Jinx was crying." Vi said. Caitlyn immediately stops laughing. Jinx never cries. "What was she crying about?" Asks Caitlyn. Vi gives a large sigh. No one knows they are sisters. Not even Caitlyn. "Jinx is my sister." Vi says. She can already start to feel tears running down her face again. "I left her and my criminal group to join the police force." Caitlyn is beyond shocked. "And you never told me this?" Caitlyn asks. "I thought it would affect not only me and her, but also me and you. I don't want my past to affect me now." Caitlyn looks down at the floor. Not sure what to say. "I suppose she could serve the force as you did before." Caitlyn says. Vi is filled with excitement. She runs into the cell. Jinx is still there. Her head is bowed, she is still sobbing like a child. "Jinx!" Vi exclaims. "You can make up for your past!" Jinx looks up. Her eyes are a lot brighter now. Probably brighter then even before. "Really?" Jinx asks still weary. "Yes! Now we can be with each other again!" Jinx runs to Vi, giving her a big hug. "I have missed you so much!" Vi hugs Jinx back. "I missed you too." Caitlyn walks into the cell and asks Jinx "You ready to be a good guy for once?" Jinx is over joyed. "Let me go get my guns."
Jinx's alarm clock rings. She wakes up, she spent all night polishing pow pow and readying some missiles. She looks over at her favorite picture. It's her and violet, sitting at the river. Jinx's arms are wrapped around Violet. "Someday." Jinx says to herself. She gets up and walks over to her bedroom door. She looks back once more at the picture. "Don't worry Violet. I will be good someday." She smiles, Heading off to bed.

written by Truxton Lane