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Cooldown on leaving

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Dear Riot, please lower the 30 min CD on leaving a ranked match in matchmaking. I don't see the point in having a 30 min CD when you are trying to play seriously and have a team with a soraka, sona and alistar. We aren't going to win or be competitive and the person who gets punished is the person who doesn't want to lose a bunch of ELO because his teammates are all mad at each other after 10 seconds of interaction. I dont mind there being a CD like 10-15 minutes but 30 minutes is quite a stretch. (Note: I'm not complaining about ELO hell, how my team always sucks, or how god awful ranked is. So, if you're gunna post about how im a crybaby and need to L2P just pass on.)

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Conrad the Black

Junior Member


couldnt agree more. i get like 1 hour at a time to play. yet last time there was an afk riven pick with clarity. of course at 1s left no one had dodged... y? because no one wants to wait 30 fn minutes to play again. so, i get to spend my only gaming time for the night playing aram. hooray... just go back to 5m wait and elo loss