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"champ idea" Watt the Power Hungerer

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I have a habit of making up new champions for the league. iv made so many i wrote them down so i wouldn't forget. i know nobody cares but Im going to share them anyway.
the Power Hungerer

Role: AP Bruiser. very good at chasing down fleeing enemies and fighting 1v1s. Is viable in the jungle.

Visual: Watt is a robot like Blitzcrank but smaller and hunched over. instead of hands he has 3 pronged plugs that are sharp at the ends. his head is very small and has a single red eye on it. he also has a large glowing blue batterie attached to his back.

Resource: Watt dosnt use mana. Instead he uses a mechanic called charge. Whenever he hits an enemie champion with n ability the amount of damage done will be added as charge. when Watts charge meter is full his next spell will have a bonus effect and consume all the charge. (similar to Rengar) the higher level he gets the more charge he needs to get the bonus effect.

Passive: Charge- whenever Watt hits an enemie with a spell he builds charge based on the amount of damage he dose. when the charge meter is full his next spell will have a bonus effect and consume all the charge.

Q: Power Tap- Watts next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage and link Watt to the target for 5 seconds. the link will deal more magic damage over time and heal Watt for 20% of the damage done.
Charged; If Watt hits an enemie with this spell when hes charged the link will also steal movement speed from the target.
CD- 7 seconds

W: Magnetic Field- When activated this spell will give Watt an aurora that will damage enemie units inside of it, and will slow enemies by 20% when moving away from him. if the target is moving towards him their movement speed will be increased.
Charged: if Watt uses this skill when charged he will gain a damage absorbing sheild.
CD- 15 seconds

E: Static Surge- When used Watt will spray sparks in a small AOE of himself damaging all nearby enemies. this skill costs charge to use and cant be used if charge is 0. this is Watts only ability that can get charge from minions, but the amount of charge is smaller than if it had hit a champion.
Charge: If this spell is used when you are charged the AOE and damage are greatly increased
CD- 3 seconds

R: Paralyzing Bolt- Watts only long ranged spell. when used it will shoot a bolt of lightning that will deal damage based off of how much charge you currently have (will not consume the charge) and stun the target for 2 seconds.
Charged: If this spell is used when charged the spell will have its max amount of bonus damage and stun for 3 seconds.
CD- 50 seconds
Lore: In vandal city the creation of inanimate life is illegal but someone didn't get the message. one night a large blue explosion was made in the city leaving a large crater. inside all that was found was Watt crumpled at the bottom. hoping to discover what had happend the investigatores activated Watt thinking he could give them some answers. This was a mistake, no sooner had Watt been activated then he buried his hand into the lead investigators chest. He seemed to draw energie from his body causing them both to crackle with static. Watt then turned and killed the majority of the onlookers with one bolt of blinding electrisity. He disapeared into the city and became hunted. he stole power wherever he could find it growing stronger and stronger. It wasnt enough however he needed more. his gaze turned to the league of legends home to some of the most powerful beings around. he turned up on the leagues door and demanded to join in an emotionless staticy voice. even though vandal city demanded he pay for his crimes the league let him in, half in fear and half of what potential he would bring to the league.

seems that some golems were built with a screw loose- Blitzcrank

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Bump. i didnt put as much detail in this as my other champs but hes still one of my fav champs I created.