Kicking in Champion Selection

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I think there should be an option for ranked games, or maybe all games, to have the ability to kick a member from the lobby thus throwing everyone back into the match making system. I am sick and tired of people who join rank, hit that accept button and then rando because they "went to the bathroom" or "got a drink of water" or some **** excuse when it only takes another 5 minutes to get your team set up. Even worse are the people who don't say anything all chat, get a champion you think they want to use then when the game starts you find out they got a lucky rando but they don't know how to use the champion.

Riot should let us set up a vote and if 4 out of the 5 members think that one should be kicked, then that one should. We do a 4/5 vote for surrendering a game, why not for a kicking system? I feel that it would be much better for the players to self-regulate their fellow players, especially the serious players trying to get a higher ELO. A serious player should not be punished with a waiter period because he or she is forced to dodge out of a team with an AFK or the famous insta-lock "MID OR FEED" free-elo player.