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Energy Mastery?

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W4r Anubis

Junior Member


There used to be an energy mastery, in the utility side of the masteries page that allowed for an extra 10 energy to be given.

I just found out its gone, because I can't seem to find it.

It would be nice if Riot could put it back, maybe even implement a new mastery targeting, energy regeneration, or energy, period.

Energy is an important part in all those champs that have energy, like Shen and Kennen.

I always find my self running out of energy at the wrong times; like not regening fast enough.
Energy mastery, can be just 1 point, or 2 or 3. can be combined with the mana regen/mana per lvl masteries that already exist.

These masteries combined with runes allow the player to be diverse when it comes to the style of play. In other words it creates diversity in players that play energy based champions.

They can choose to increase their energy, at the cost of runes and or masteries.
This is completely up to the player. And can also create new strategies.

Maybe i'm building this up too much, as if to say this is a game changer right here. But no, it's just more freedom for players. More diversity.

A good example of this energy coming in handy is when for example you are playing Shen:
You got ambushed while farming too deep. You're trying to run away, you already used all of your skills, you dashed away, they flashed behind you. Now you're just regenerating energy while you're on CD. Now here most players would have to decide whether to use Shen's Feint (Shield) to absorb dmg from the next few hits. Or to risk it and save it for Shadow Dash so you can dash away to freedom. If you use Feint, you are most likely delaying you're death for a short second. you're most like done for. There's no waiting 12 seconds for your taunt to come back.

If you had energy regen runes/ masteries or just more energy base in total you would probably have had enough to survive longer, make it to freedom, or survive long enough to make it to a teammate for help.

In summary: Allow for increase base energy and for increased energy regen to become an option for those champions with energy. Which would be achieved by means of Mastery page, and rune pages.

Would this be OP? - Not necessarily; Players would have to sacrifice building into the utility tree which is almost never done on energy champions. They would also have to sacrifice rune slots for optimum base energy and energy regeneration.

And of course this should be done in a way that's not ridiculously good to the point where going in any other direction is obsolete. But at the same time make it good enough to where players can see the benefits and potential of going in this "energy efficiency" strategy.

This is all just a base idea, feel free to leave a comment and also leave any suggestions to the matter. If you feel you have a better reformed idea, leave a comment saying so. If you think this is absolutely outrageous, then please say so.

P.S - I Couldn't find the best place to post this, so i chose this spot. Let me know if I should move/ re-post somewhere else for a more convenient location.