Is this ban worthy?

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A friend's case. Okay, he was perhaps a little rude in the first case, and treated his team with going afk, but he really didnt. He had the highest CS on his team and had a normal lv for someone thats on bot lane. In cases 2, 3 and 4 he was reported for the lulz by someone from the enemy team when he hardly talked nor said anything in /all chat. I mean, he might of be a dumbass in teamchat, but none of his team mates did consider report him, and yet someone from the enemy team reports him for the lulz and happens to end up punished.

In the 5th case, he had a guy picking Heimer support and trolling him, stealing his CS, pushing the lane non stop and standing still while being attacked, causing him to feed. I'd be irritated aswell, but he hardly did insult anyone on any of the cases he was punished. (I do remember the 5th case quite alright. I was Lee Sin)

He asked me to post this for me because he's not that much into forums. And he only owns an account in the EUW servers.

EDIT: Also, how exactly is my friend getting banned on games that happened in Season 2? Its been ages since these games. ._. How i know this is Season 2 games? Well. Supports still have HoG. Is BG or calling someone badies reportable and ban worthy now? If thats the case, i wonder why i'm seeing a lot of people doing so and calling these.

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My guess would be he got banned because of his negative attitude

"its pointless, just surrender"

I hate those kind of people.

HOWEVER, since it is EUW, I can't really tell what are their standards for punishing.

As for the late games... It seems like EUW tribunal is ULTRA slow due to different people from different languages not being able to vote on every case.

So, it can show games from months ago.

Happened once in NA, people had games from up to 3 months before.