+- 1500 elo adc LF ranked 5s

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Im Vaeth



Hi guys, Jeanlegigolo here, basically I'm a fairly good adc (for my elo) that is looking for a good but casual ranked 5s, I don't want an innactive team, but I don't wanna practice 40h++ a week, I want somewhere to improve myself as people around me will make and take critics so that we can grow better as a team

. I can play from 6:30-10:30 east mostly and I'm not here on fridays for my schedule and on saturdays I can play like all the day

I started playing league around J4 patch which is quite a long time ago, I didn't like it at first but after seeing them tournaments I quickly became a fan and always wanted to improve myself

So you guys can reply on this thread, or add me in game if you're interested.. I could always be a team leader if I could fill the roles with some people whispering me

So that's about it guys, have fun and cya ingame!