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Permed for this, there's harsh and there's ridicolous.

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First off, asking if you deserve a permaban to anyone but Riot is pointless. There isn't enough evidence supplied for anyone her to make such a judgement.

You could have asked "Do I deserve a ban from these current games?" which led to you being permbanned.

That we could make arguments.

Now the games themselves are pretty weak. Though the one with you going mid with Lux I would probably say warrants a degree of a warning myself.

That being you are acting like a selfish brat. In any type of game you are not the only one that matters. You can excel, you could be the sole reason you win but you are always never going to be the only one that matters.

This is especially true in a team game. Just because YOU want to do something doesn't mean you should be able to do it. Especially in a ranked game which is, by design, more competitive than a regular one and holds more at stake for the players involved.

The fact that you ignored your team mates wishes and then proceeded to belittle the person on top of this deserves a warning because it is childish and toxic behavior.

And no, just because other people misbehaved is not a good reason for such behavior.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Personally, I would probably have voted to pardon your case...but you'll have to file an appeal with Riot. I don't know if there were errors when the Tribunal went into recess. Check with them and see what you get.

Game 3 is the biggest risk, but your team won that one, so there's no reason to punish you there.

Winning the game has nothing to do with what is under concern. He could be the sole reason for why his team is winning, but if he's being disrespectful and breaking what we understand as the Summoner's Code, he can still be reported for bad behavior. If it's seen as bad behavior by his peers as a majority, then we know where he stands on that matter. Not to mention he seems to mask his attitude on the forums with a dismissive approach, mixed in with a few comments like "that debate gave me AIDS" or whatever phrasing he cared to use.

I personally don't care if my teammate is 2300+ elo...if he's a jerk that frustrates and angers others, he's still a negative player that needs to adjust his behavior.

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OCG waitforit



Would be good to see a red in here!