@riot a real issue with abilities that ignore walls.

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Old Vegas Dad

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I think mobility creep is turning into a REAL issue to the point that champs without build in short CD flashes are becoming unplayable.

It is just an incredibly unbalanced to give champs skills that are essentially flashes. I am not sure what the solution is, but at the very least make walls act like you know WALLS, so that you might have an escape ability atleast dont allow it to also pass through obsticles.

I know it is fun having these types of abilties and we all love the free get out of jail card they provide for all our sloppy play but honestly it is creating 2 classes of champs. When you screw up and are out of position, you should have to pay the piper, not get away scott free because your champ can jump walls and mine can't.

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It would ruin balance of the game if you couldn't go through walls anymore with abilities.

And if you think about it, if they were able to jump over a wall, they weren't really out of position in the first place.