Wukong ultimate + Ravenous hydra

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I noticed something kind of annoying but I'm not to sure if it should be fixed or if it was meant to be that way but I noticed that Wukong Ultimate when added with Ravenous Hydra each time the ult does a damage tick (which is a bunch in a few seconds but also knocks up the enemy) now I didn't really realize it till a recent game but when mixed with several other items (Blood thirster, black cleaver, etc..) Wukong lifesteals a great deal of health back and basically destroys teams even when they have armor. Now the main thing: is that when his ult hit it hits multiple champions but it also triggers the affect of the Ravenous hydra which in deal causes a team to be completely shredded in several seconds because of the constant tick and the effects of the RH which spread to other champions and since all champions are close they are constantly getting hit by the base damage but also hit by the damage off of another champing being hit by the RH which in turn makes Wukong a wrecking ball when given armor pen upon stacking health.

Now this is extremely hard to counter in blind que considering that you don't have much of a chance to counter him, and even if you try to build a ton of armor in game it counters yourself because you have to deal with magic damage and physical damage.

Now again I'm not sure if it needs changed but I see it as quite strong when you have to put all your gold towards trying to figure out how counter it early and even late on in the game.