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Solo Que and the hostile environment it creates.

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I just started playing recently (read after christmas) and can't figure out why Solo que even exists. I'm by no means a skilled player my rating was 1259 after placement but solo que seems real out of place in context to the game.

5v5 is team orientated so the concept of throwing a mix of players into forming teams/picking/counter picking seems ridiculous.

The timer starts immediately on the bans so as soon as you get in the room people are calling out there stuff. AD Carry, Top Top Mid Mid. I'm mid. No F U I'm mid blah blah blah. So right from the beginning it's not a team being assembled but a selfish land grab.
There is nothing solo about the game really. Mid / Top lane all need help with ganks to gain advantages, you can't defend the whole map by yourself. So if it's a team game why even have solo que?

It would make sense to me if before queuing up you had to select your role. So if you are a top. You select top. If you are a mid you select mid. etc. That way when you are all thrown in together you have 1 of each role and there is no bickering. You could have a separate ELO for each role. Then you'd know if you really ARE a better jungler, or support or what not.

Right now it's like okay throw everybody in, fight over spots, well now I'm stuck playing a role I haven't practiced, etc. etc.

I know Riot is working on this whole "improve the community" initiative, but a lot of issues could be sorted out this way.

To make it even better you could que your top 5 champs for the role ahead of time that way when the game is up the player banning can actually SEE who you prefer ahead of time.

It's simple stuff like this which I can't figure out why it is the way it is now.

The whole system creates conflict from the very beginning, and no surprise it's created a toxic environment.

The whole idea of "taking e-sports seriously" and all that will never happen if the game isn't treated like a real sport.

In any sport how you get good at something is constant repetition over and over again, but you can't do that in solo que or this game because the structure and conflict doesn't allow it.

It's like having someone train to play wide receiver (american football) and then forcing them to play lineman and then complaining because they aren't a lineman.

Or making a lineman play quarterback. It's just about the dumbest setup I could imagine.

Yes people should play more champs, but if someone has a natural tendency to perform better at something than Riot should make it easier to group people together at things they excel at.

The way it's structured right now is a selfish paradox of punishment that creates the toxic environment the community is known for.

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Pelvis Pressley

Junior Member


This. I wonder how many weeks of people posting for the same idea (as I have) it's going to take before Riot realizes that the lack-there-of is ruining the game.

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Peef Rimjob

Junior Member


I agree completely but I understand why you can't just elect your role before game. It's because there is no right and wrong way to play the game. For example, the current meta is solo top solo mid duo bot and jungle. But it used to be the ADC was mid. It's also not uncommon to see duo top especially in lower level games. And now it's changing to the duo sometimes going top and top and bottom switching. the possibilities of playing the game are too open ended to implement something that confines you to a role. See what I mean? I agree though, there is a way to make it better because it is currently quite awful unfortunately.

Riot, you are smart enough to have the game pretty well balanced with so many different champions to square off against, but you can't implement something to improve the compositions of the teams so that people are not at each others throats right off the bat?

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Senior Member


I made a thread kind of related to this and yeah, solo queue is a mess and no one wants to address it without being babies.