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Item change

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Hello, my name is Anthony, IGN in BrokenHalo... I wanted to know why you made the change you did to The Black Cleaver, the 25% armor reduction after 4 hits should stay a passive, Armor Penetration +10 doesn't compare to the 25% Armor depletion, if this was recommended I would highly enjoy if you change it back, if people asked you to do this, please dont listen, I liked the unique passive to reduce 25% Armor, it gave the players a variety of builds, and it made them not lazy, and they'd just get a Cleaver and Last Whisper, I would really appreciate it for Riot Games to change The Black Cleaver back to how it was

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Sleeper Cell

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Please read your post, realize how much sense it makes, reword it/fix, and then get back to us.