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Utah jungler 1500-2000 wanted for team

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Hey, we are looking for someone who mains jungle for our team, we range from 1500-2000 we are tryingto get a team together for utahlol will be playing matches every week and practicing pretty much daily. let me know if you are interested. add MasterSting.

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Hey Salt Lake City Leaguers,

I got confirmation from the owner where I work to host a regular LAN party. We are located in Murray, UT the cost is set at $10.00 for the night going from 9-12 or 1. There will be snacks and soda. You will need to bring your own computers we will provide great internet, power, tables, chairs and location obviously. If this does well we may host tournaments. Check facebook out Sports Mall E-Sports group for more information and updates coming! The location is large enough to host over as many people as we want. We have several different size rooms and even a basketball court if things really get crazy! Like us and lets get this thing going!