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One already declined, stop asking others!!

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So, everytime I stay in queue, waiting for the system to pick the 10 players, I get the accept and decline options. There're times that this doesn't matter: imagine that you're next to the guy that declined and you say "if someone declined, then why are you asking me if I wanna play?"

I consider this detail as good for people who waits for the system to gather all the players in queue as possible, for a very extended time.

My suggestion / feedback:

If someone declined, then stop searching and set all the players who accepted again to the queue instantly as the first decline ocurrs. Also warn the people who recieves the "accept & decline" window, and replace it with a message saying that "someone declined, you're again in the queue" or something.

This should be even more effective than the actual system.

(write '/sign' if you're agree with this)

Thanks for reading and good morning from Argentina