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Figured i'd clean this up

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So, basically this is played at TPG.
There are two types of people, meatsheilds and shooters.
2 meat shield, 3 shooters.

These are the shooter rules.
Must be Ashe, Draven, Ezreal, or Karthus
ALL runes AND masteries are allowed.
Although runes and masteries are allowed, you can NOT have ANY items that fit in the defense tree. Seraph's Embrace is not technically under this category so it is allowed. Items with HP, HP Regen, Armor, or MR are not allowed. All of this must come from your masteries/runes.
Spell vamp is NOT allowed.
Life steal is NOT allowed.
Potions are NOT allowed.
Summoner spells must be ghost and clarity.
This means barrier and heal are NOT allowed.

You cannot leave the steps of the spawn, ever.
You may go anywhere on the stairs, but never off them. Your job is to stand in front of your team mates.
When you are infront of your team mates you block the enemy ults. By this I mean that you block ashe arrows and lower the damage from Ez/Draven ults. I mean...yeah! meat shield! Almost self explained.
As the meat shields you have limited items also.
You cannot get any items giving health regen. Health is fine but no hp regen. Pots are also banned. Aegis and Bulkwark are both banned.
GA is banned for being bs. No spell vamp either.
Building damage is pointless.
The allowed meat shield champs are as follows:
Rammus, Poppy, Teemo, Ziggs, Veigar, Annie, Lulu, Leona, Akali, Nautilus, Shaco, Jayce, Kennen, Riven, Malphite, Elise, Evelynn, Jarvan, Sion
Score system, to 25, 2 points for shooter kill, 1 point for meat shield kill.

Basic Rules
Here's how the game goes.
At lvl 3 you can choose to buy, or go straight to the middle. Once you are in the middle, you must stay on YOUR side of the huge crack, where you will stand behind and CS.
You must not stand in front of the CS. You may not hit other champs, only minions. Once you have hit level six you must immediately go to the enemy turret and suicide, you may hit the turret, but still not any players. Once you go to spawn you must stay in that circle the first two rings around it. You can NOT go onto the steps or it's automatically a point. You cannot go all the way to the ring where the two stones to the side of the spawn are. The point of this game from there on is to dodge ults while standing in spawn and killing the other team with yours.

Once the score is reached, the losing team surrenders, tell your enemies GG, and move on with your lives. All credit for this game mode goes to Zikey002.

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This would take so long.

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If you're standing in spawn, you heal. Fail idea is absolute fail.

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If you're standing in spawn, you heal. Fail idea is absolute fail.

You don't heal at TPG, fail player is absolute fail.