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which is superior?

WoW 2 40%
Gw2 3 60%
Voters 5 .

World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2?

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Which one is an all around better game. I would say GW2 but that is a bit biased since I never got passed level 20 in WoW (didn't like the endless grind).

I feel that Guild Wars 2 is more fun because it makes questing something fun and enjoyable, not a chore. It also awards you for exploring, there are mazes and jumping puzzles along with extremely fun pvp.

I can't really say much about WoW since I didn't get into it. So I am trying to ask someone who has played both what his/her opinion is.

The reason I am asking on this forum is because if I were to ask on a WoW forum, the answer would be WoW. If I ask this ing a GW2 forum, the answer is GW2. By asking here I feel that opinions will be less biased.

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GW2. This is just my opinion, but WoW is just
(1-2-3-1-5-3-6-3-7-4-12-8-3-734-4-53-5-34-2-5423-5-2352-34-1234-3524-542-34-421412432432432432423-4234-234-23432-423-432-423-432-432-43) Basically just what you spam in raids.
GW2 gets boring fast unless you have a fast computer and a group of friends to WvW with.