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New to Ranked questions

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Just started playing ranked games, so far 4-1 hope it stays going that well!!!

So few questions,
1) Is there post or anything describing how your elo is calculated. I am 4-1 with roughly mid 1300 elo, but a friend that is 8-6 has mid 1400...my win to lose is better but he has won more games. So just trying to figure out how it is figured out in game.

2) How do the boards work, like the silver and gold boards at load screen. Are those just end of season awards or can you get those anytime after reaching a certain elo...same with any other awards can you get them mid season?

3) Does dou queing chang anything? Like if we have a dou que does that mean the other team has a dou que as well? Or do i get different elo from the win or lose?

4) What is considered a low, mid, high elo?

Thank you so much for any answers you can give me!!!

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welcome to ranked Ootter! Ive played hundreds of ranked games and my attitude as well as champ select skills have changed dramatically over a years time.

1. Your first 10 games are worth rougly 50 elo a piece, and continue to be worth alot of elo until evening out at + - 11-14. If you know team comps well enough and can gauge enemy communication/confidence by how well they lock in/swap roles and if your team has a troll - DODGE. that is the best advice i can give you. i have enough time not to dodge so i play games out just to learn more about how to deal with trolls and rise above the odds. but i do not suggest this, at all. DODGE QUE ftw. it is not an excuse. you cannot improve your lane skills with trolls on your team who want you to lose. Riot removed elo penalty for dodging. use this.

Once in game, either way, people skills > lane skills in most cases. be charismatic.

2. The borders around your champ at the load screen depict what elo you were last season. No border means below 1149 elo or no ranked played, silver border was 1150-1499. Gold means you were 1500+ and dont worry about plat yet. I am hoping when the new league system start we can get a new border if we achieved it after season 2 ended, this is a question im posing myself and hoping for.

3. Duo que does not change much, it still leaves 3 people that you dont know and cant trust. http://www.lolking.net helps alot here, champ select skillz. If your elo is around the same as your duo que partner, you two will be last 2 picks, leaving a potentially new player first picking kat and getting easily countered by the other team. If you duo que it is not certain the other team has a duo, but 1 team can only have 1 duo at a time.

If you have 200 + - elo than your duo partner, you will get more/less elo depending on which team matchmaking favored to win. Since you are still within your placement matches you will get 5 times as much for winning or losing. REMEMBER TO DODGE if in ANY doubt. you can avoid elo hell this way.


- after 10 matches your elo will show up (it is hidden in the new system). you will still be gaining around 35 elo for your 11th match and losing around 40. at around 50 matches it goes to around 20 and after 70 matches you will + 1 11-14 elo per game.

- remember to dodge trolls or better team comps than yours during these last 5 placement matches you have. if you win 9/10 you can avoid elo hell

- elo hell is considered the zone where new players to ranked, trolls, general lack of caring players reside, and incredibly varied skill levels where almost any team comp can win if there are no trolls. this range is 1k-1400 or so.

- remember pick order > calling and people skills > lane skills. if you can stop your team from fighting and bring them together you can win alot more of the troll games that you didnt know would be troll until you ported into summoners rift. dont order people around - charisma them.

- mid elo is gold, though the majority of players in ranked hover in silver their entire lives because they have poor champ select skills (charisma, pick order, counters, communication, lolkinging) and do not dodge enough.

- use http://www.elophant.com to put in all the summoner names at once upon entering select and you can see which role they are best at, how many games played, etc. and post the link to this in the chat box so they can all see for themselves.

good luck and remember, have fun!