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Low Elo LF Duo Q to get out of this pit

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Shady Beings

Senior Member


Was at 1196 until I got put in troll ques all the way into 900s.

I play every role, excel in mid/jungle, lately picked up Zyra support and been pretty good.

Not gonna blame anything on my loses that brought me down to this elo.

If you are low elo too and would like to get out of this mess please go ahead and leave a message. Communication is key and being able to skype someone while duo queing would be great.

Regular play time: start about 4:30PM till 9:00PM, and then 12:00AM-3:00AM M-T, 4:30PM -3~4:00AM Fri, 12:00PM-3~4:00AM Sat, 12:00PM-9:PM Sun.

I usually work a 11AM-9PM on weekends, but when I am available those are the times.

If you don't want to share IGN/Email then message me at [email]exibion09@gmail.com[/email] (this email is not attached to any accounts, therefore cannot be compromised).

If you are a low elo player this could only go for the better of you and me, well, and if you are a higher elo, well, I have nothing to say, you can try me and if I am not satisfactory of your skill level then whatever, but I will try my best, and will handle myself in games according to the elo we are playing at (I can play myself like a higher elo, but many times low elo that will only lead to a bad game, as you have to be more aggressive and intimidate the opponent).

Again communication and synergy is key to success.

Please no flaming about my super low elo and horrible games.

Contact info again:


Skype: AlexWillWinAtLeague