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Summoner Lane Pre-selection

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One thing about league that I have always sort of disliked is when you go into a game looking to play a certain role, such as mid, but three other players you get matched with want to play mid. I would like to see a system implemented for draft mode that allows a summoner to have a "check box" system that would allow them to be matched based on the role they prefer to play.

For example, if someone would like to either mid/top/support, they would uncheck the jungle and AD carry boxes.

I do see the flaws in this system in that if a team/player wants to do an undefined role for their team that isn't a check box or if someone picks something and completely trolls their team, it could ruin their team composition. Or if jungle/top/mid/ADC/support weren't appropriate, have the selections be AP/AD/tank/support. Idk, just looking for suggestions.