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Twitch/Website/Signature Work

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I'm not sure where to post this but I thought this section looked the most promising.

I can make a wide range of website/twitch/youtube/signature/etc designs. I have past experience in designing a lot of modules and html codes for enjin as well to help get your website going. I tend to do more non-wow themed twitch layouts atm since most people like to stream more than just wow but I am well versed in implementing your wow toons into them.

I'm able to splice/host and html code the entire twitch info or whatever you want as well-- so that I can give you the entire code to copy paste. I usually can get everything done for someone all in 1 day too, so relatively quick-- baring any terrible disasters.

My DeviantArt Gallary

My Own Page:

email [email]m_montgomery@live.com[/email] or on twitch.

Thanks! GLHF <3