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Fixing low level games, and other suggestions

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Pelvis Pressley

Junior Member


Hi everyone, first off let me say that I love this game and the new updates, and I hope it continues to get better and better.

After having played for quite some time now I'm beginning to see a repeat in patterns that ultimately cause losses for the team and waste everyone's time. I've taken note of these situations and thought up solutions for them. I am not a regular on these forums so if these ideas have been suggested please don't waste another post by commenting it. I want constructive feedback only. Here goes:

1. Role selection - One thing that really ruins the low level games is the inability for people to consider the overall compilation of their team. In most games I notice this happens because of a complete lack of knowledge on what their characters are really doing for their team. Many of the games I enter have at least 2 AD carries on a team and some are just 5 bruisers who get poked to death. Another aspect of this that can ruin games is lane selection. One person calls top and locks in as Nasus, another selects a jungler, and then some (selfish and immature) player quickly locks in as Jax and says he's going top. The first 4 minutes of the game are then dedicated to the top lane players "V" - pinging each other to death until someone submits. Some times this can lead to Ashe / Jax up against a good Sona / Ezreal combo and the game plays out from there...

The solution, I feel, is obvious. In the champion selection screen have it set so that players can lock in their lane and have the option to call their role. Have a button next to champion portraits that turns into a drop box where you can select which lane you are going to. Other players then can only select the remaining positions. If someone chooses "Jungle" then the system will only allow for one character on top lane or bottom lane depending on which one already has two (or some other maths that I haven't thought of). Under the lane selection have another drop box that may or may not be exclusive (as in it wont prevent anyone else from doing anything) where they can display which role they would like to play. This would make everything perfectly clear to the team and also introduce new players to their roles and make them more aware.

2. Disconnects - This is without a doubt the biggest game-breaker in the League. I have won games 4 v 5 before but it was in no way orthodox and relied completely on the remaining team compilation. Let's be real people. If someone leaves your game then the game is then a joke, an afterthought, a big "maybe." If someone leaves the game then they have wasted your time as well as the time of your opponents. Why should this have to be?

Allow people to leave the game without penalty after a player has been gone for a set amount of time. Just do it. There is no point to playing. Yes it will be fun. The game is fun. I however have been playing long enough to know that having more losses than wins is not fun. If someone leaves the game then they deserve a loss, why do the rest of the players?

3. Languages - I don't fully understand what Riot's system for bringing people who speak the same language together is but it doesn't work. I live near Miami, FL where there is a large spanish speaking population. Whether this has anything to do with it, I don't know. What I do know is that if I am unable to communicate with my team then the enemy team now has a HUGE advantage over me. Virtually every other game I join has a majority of Espanol speaking players. Not only is it difficult to play but most of the time that I mention I don't speak Spanish I get harassed and blamed if we lose. League players seem to hate gringos, this is personal experience talking, not preconceived bias.

The solution is to allow the players to set their matchmaking language preference. Many people are bilingual and can hold a decent conversation in English. Folks should be able to choose their primary language and be matched completely based on that choice, no exceptions.

Thank you for reading my suggestions and I hope we can have a productive conversation concerning these issues and the solutions I have provided. Cheers!