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SoloQue - Teams - Improvement - Request

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I realized Solo Queue isn't really the right thing to improve myself now. I think it would be better to do teams and acquire teamwork skills. I don't know how many of you summoners would agree with this, but i have recognized this because of the extensive amount of stupidity that goes on in SoloQ. The people rage, sure it is annoying, but it is also degrading. In a team environment I think it would be better to well....get better. I think it would be better to have teammates which can talk to each other and thrive(help each other improve), and to talk over how they can improve from there last mistake...

I am kind of looking for a team which could provide fun, educational, yet serious environment on which people improve. Right now I am far from best, but I know i can do better, i am just asking from help by you, the community.

It may seem like I'm ranting on, and you must be saying oh what a ******* n00b.


I know I may be n00bish to some degree, but this is a step towards getting better. I know I can and anyone can. I am not begging, I am not whining, I am just here to improve and give my thoughts and opinions on things that i have the right to.

If you have read up to this point i applaud you.

You might read this and say it is awful, yet you still care...or maybe not.

Anyhow I hope "all" of you summoners have a great time on the battlefield~!

PS: please try not to be overly negative in the thread posts


-excuse some mistakes i wrote this when i was in the mood and it may add to my message (thank you)-

-add me on league if you would like to talk about stuff like..who knows what...I don't know for sure and it is for me to find out.