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GAREN CROWNGUARD (Leeroy Jenkins LOL Parody)

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


Blue Team:
Ashe: ADC
Kayle: Support
Cho'Gath: Ap/Jungle
Heimerdinger: Ap Mid
Garen - Top/Tank/Bruiser

Purple Team:
Caitlyn: ADC
Soraka: Support
Warwick: Jungle
Lux: Ap Mid
Riven: Top/Off-Tank

Ashe: All right team, the enemy is giving us a lot of trouble. Do you all have your builds? Missing any items?

Kayle: I think Garen should sell his Doran's Shield for a Warmog.

Ashe: He doesn't have a Warmog? Doesn't he have a Giant's Belt?

Kayle: Yea but he doesn't have enough gold. Don't worry, I can heal you, I still have some mana.

Ashe: Christ. Ok, well what we'll do is; I run in first and initiate the fight. We'll blast down the ADC first. I will use my Enchanted Crystal Arrow so we can stun the ADC. Uh, when my stun's over I'll need Cho'Gath to come in and land his Rapture, so we can keep her stunned and not worry about her hitting us. Then he needs to use his Feral Scream, keep 'em silenced so we can take them out quick without having to worry about them attacking us. Kayle, I need you to use Divine Intervention if someone's getting low, so we can take them out with as little casualties as possible. These guys are pretty high elo, we'll be in trouble if we don't take them down quick. I think it's a pretty good plan, we should be able to pull it off this time. Uh, what do you think Heimerdinger? Can you give me a number crunch real quick?

Heimerdinger: Uhh, yea gimmie a sec. I'm coming up with 32.33, repeating of course, percent chance of survival.

Ashe: Ah, well it's a lot better than what we usually do-

Garen: All right chums, let's do this! GAREN CROWNGUARD!!!

Ashe: Oh my god he just ran in.

*Garen proceeds to run in tanking all the damage. His team manage to take out the other team at the cost of their own lives. Garen keeps running until the end of time.

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Frost Archer

Senior Member


I didn't know what to put for the fight: there was a lot of overlap. Sadly, that includes the chicken part... Tell me, should I post this on the GD forum?

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Senior Member


Needs the chicken part to be GD-worthy imho.