Qieran, the Forgotten Frumpus

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Qieran, The Forgotten Frump
Someone once said the only reason to make a new energy source is if what you're looking for cannot be accomplished by anything that there already is.

Passive: Morale (1000+100/level) 50% of all damage done by nearby allied champions is converted to morale (75% for damage against champions). At 100% morale, Qieran's next Non-ultimate spellcast is 5/10/15/20% more Potent, The number increasing for each point in his ultimate. the only ways to lose Morale are Casting spells, which specify how much is lost. All morale is also lost upon death.

Q: Oasis's Relief ( Skillshot) 150/175/225/300/400 Morale:Heals targets in a line for 40/55/70/85/100+(.5/.55/.6/.65/.7 AP), the heal deteriorates at 10% per target. For Size, think about a Malzahar Q, except starting at himself and heading outwards. Cast range: Self
W Wall of Dust (Skillshot, ironically) 100/150/200/350/400 Creates a wall which can be walked-though, The wall blocks skill shots from both sides. Width 400/425/450/475/500. lasts for 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds + .5 seconds for each skillshot absorbed (up to 1.5 seconds) Skillshots absorbed are also converted to Morale. Cast rage: ~750
E: SandStorm (AoE skillshot) 200/300/400/500/600 Creates an AOE circle that forces other champions outwards in a spiral motion. enemy champions are immobilized until forced out of the circle, taking 70/130/190/250/310 +.5 AP damage a second. Qieran, and allied champions effected by Synergetic Link are NOT effected by the storm, allowing them to pass freely through it.
R: Synergetic Link: 500/750/1000 Morale. Ultimate: Target allied champion and Qieran bond, said allied champion takes 20/25/30% reduced damage, while Qieran takes 30/25/20% of the TOTAL damage (will explain in-depth later)

passive: I chose this as a passive because this character is supposed to be support, because if Qieran had mana, he could spam his abilities, making him a great solotop, but since the only way to generate his passive is damage done by ALLIED champions, and not his own damage, he must rely on a lane partner to play as he should.
Q: Yes, I do realize heals are frowned upon seeing as they can be misused or broken, but a skillshot heal has yet to be done, and I thought this would be a great idea, I chose a low base for his E because Qieran should be more of a Late-Game champion, which is why it has low scaling base damage, but the % of his AP is increased per point put into it.

W: There are amany skill shots in league, but there hasn't really been a way to block it, other than being quick on one's feet and moving out the way, or having a spell-shield (limited) which isn't always possible. I chose the Width of this because I compared it to Anivia's Wall, it starts the same distance as hers, but ends up as wide as her second rank, which is about enough to fit a sideways volibear on four legs behind it, which is approx. a good size, not too big, not too small.

E: This skill gives Qieran some Much needed damage, while also being a support skill. It allows him to position enemies, while not too fast. it does reasonable damage, not too much due to the fact that he's a support, but the thing about this skill is it doesn't just push the enemies straight out, it drags them out at an angle, like moving along the lines of Diana's skill shot.

R: This is by-far the selling point of Qieran, if I do say so myself, and it's his best and key ability, which is why it's his ultimate. to Clarify, Let's say Evelynn does 1,000 damage to an Allied champion effected with Synergetic Link, That champion would take 800/750/700 damage, whilst Qieran would take 300/250/200 damage.
Please keep in mind this is my first champion concept, I would love any Comments/Questions/Criticism.

One last thing, all of those numbers are rough estimates, I am not sure whether they are good or not, I was never good with balancing certain numbers to make something fair,
Thanks, I openly welcome any responses you may or may not have,

Lore: There's a place that not many know of now, and even less knew of in the prime of the Frump. The frump was a civilization of peace, defenders of the innocent, and those who do little to no harm if possible. Among them, was Qieran, the Harbinger of the Frump. The Harbinger of the Frump was not a title he took lightly, it meant he chose who lived, and who lived elsewhere. he chose what was taught, who taught it, when they learned. One day, the Frump met a terrible fate, their quaint civilization was brought to ruins, not many lived, and those who did contracted a terrible disease. Qieran, Being the harbinger of the frump, was the only one unaffected. or so he thought. He cured as many as he could, but they ended up dying from terrible living conditions in the shattered ruins of their city Qieran, however, remained untouched from the deadly plague, instead, he was forced with a much bigger burden. He was the last of the Frump, forced to live on, being forced to carry the weight of the world on his shoulder. he lived underground for 400 years, mourning the death of each and every one of his friends, family.

"I watched my whole civilization get torn apart one by one, What's YOUR excuse?" -Qieran, The Forgotten Frumpus.

Things to be noted:
1) Anywhere referencing water is probably something I forgot to fix, I wrote this back before Nami, and I figured they were too similar, so I tweaked a few things.

2) I had base stats all worked out, written in a notebook I had at the time, but unfortunately, I am no longer in possession of that notebook, nor the stats.
anyway, I look forward to anything you guys have to say.


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Could you possibly space this out our do some formatting to make it easier to read?

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Spaced it out for you.