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Champion recommendations for a level 18.

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Darius can be great.

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RYP Jericho

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How good is Olaf in the jungle? Also, is Akali a good mid laner? Im keen on getting her in the new update when she is on sale. I am starting to learn Ezreal but his skillshots are kinda hard to land. Amumu seems like a good champion, but he seems useless in the lane and i find jungling with him hard. As for ADC champions, im torn between Caitlyn and Graves. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of these 2 champions?

akali's a very viable mid, as she's meant to counter the standard AP casters. I don't play her myself but I play Talon mid for the exact same reason. In a dueling situation you can shut the mid down and come out ahead.

The thing about her is that you need to know when to go in on a teamfight. Your job is to kill the squishies, but being squishy yourself you can't be the first one in them or you'll be annihilated. Playing assassins is all about waiting for the right moment, going in, wrecking **** and getting the **** out.