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just an suggestion/advice

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Just A Extra



Sorry if my english is not that good.

As i said before from the previous thread that,im new to this game.just played it like 1-2 months.
Link: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3043683

What i would really wanna talk about on this thread is actually meant for those "experienced player".

From my previous thread i said that i have learned what "smurf" account mean.having to said that it mean you guys are actually more experience in the game compare to those NEW gamer(including me).

Because u guys are making smurf accounts and i do understand that playing with newbie(like me) would be hard but that's what beginner mean doesn't it?before you guys start to play,there will be a question which is "How familiar are you with games like league of legends" Beginner/RTS player/Veteran/Expert.

Judging by the replies i get from my previous thread,i am assuming that most of you choose "beginner".

So at the beginner level,there are people who are REAL beginners.

Things that don't help REAL beginner to learn(which ofcourse im sure all of you know):
-Calling them noobs
-Cursing at them
-Saying how pro you
-Saying how bad a person English is(especially when a experience player argue with another experience player)
-Etc etc etc

Things that help REAL beginner to learn:
- telling them what to do
- using the sign thing to warn /ask them for help
- guide them on what items to buy for their champions

Scolding those REAL beginner doesn't help making the game = win.Even if they don't listen,try and do what i would or others would (if some really do what im doing) whenever a lane is missing an enemy and you know where they are going or about to gank someone,go and help them out.I know it sound tiring but sometime it does work(base on rounds i played). Beside you win the game by teaming up NOT soloing.

i might get a lot of hate for this thread but its alright with me cause i don't know any of you beside if you are really as pro as you said why join beginner level?if you said you are just trying out those "free" champion there is nothing wrong with trying it on your main account.

Nooooooo.im not hating.just an advice.