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[Client][Minor] In match but not visually.

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I'm thinking this might not be too big of an issue (or an issue at all) given how PBE doesn't give the "accept" match alert compared to the main client and might not effect the client outside of specifically PBE, but alas figured I'd put this out there anyways.

When searching for a game I selected to live the game via the middle x, when I hit it the client stopped for a second and then it appeared I left the queue. A second later, champion select music started and the sound of bans being picked were happening, but I was visually at the client homepage and there was nothing signifying to switch over to a champion select screen. I didn't test anything much farther besides closing the client, when I returned there was a wait for dodging, so I'm presuming it did count me as joining the match.

Unable to replicate it given I get put into matches trying to and I don't want to dodge them just to try again.