ADC lf team for ranked 5s.

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Id like to join a team of decent players. I am nothing near perfect but my only real flaw is aggression (that really hurts in solo q), I haven't played much since s2 so have to fill in some item/champ knowledge, my cs generally isn't too high, but not too low, and I work and have a family. I can play on a pretty normal basis from 10pm to 6 or 7am (est). I can also fill any role effectively (just don't have runes yet so I don't do it ranked).

Id like to apologize now for my stats on lolking if it even shows, I was 2-0 then ran into some troll heavy teams. :/ so I decided this might be my best bet.

Also, I main twitch. Trust me, I don't fail with him. I can also play 5 other adcs well.