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Vayne runes/masteries/items and order

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Hey guys I was just wondering what the title says.

I mainly go bots 3 pots into 2 dorans blade then upgrade boots into life steal then phantom dancer then finish off bloodthirster n get another phantom dance and usually by then the game is over.

I was wondering how you guys build her and masteries runes etc. Cause I have 4000IP which I am ready to spend towards vayne!

Thank you for your replys and excuse the spelling mistakes n poor english.

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you get more out of stattik shiv and PD than having 2 PDs. When you buy a PD you are paying 300 more than SS and you get a pretty useless passive. The passive is also unique so buying 2 is a huge waste of gold. You get about 150 gold back from the avarice blade if you buy that first and then complete your Stattik shiv on the next buy so it ends up costing about 2350 instead of 2500, which is another reason to get SS over a PD.
An ideal Vayne build is to get boots > BT > shiv > QSS > IE > PD> mercurial scimitar

You can build the PD before IE if you want, or get zeal > IE > PD if you want, but you don't really want more than 1.0 AS for every 100 AD you have... that's the ideal gold efficient ratio. After 120 AD crit is always efficient at a rate of 1% crit to 1 AD, but it isn't practical to max out crit chance.

People will tell you that you need LW in your build, but you don't for vayne or kog because of their on hit effects. Because she scales with AS and does true damage, a second AS item like shiv or runaans is actually more efficient cost wise than LW all the way up to 220 armor, even on a single target. So if it's absolutely imperative to kill a malphite with 300 armor, build a LW but otherwise stick with your second AS item.

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I haven't toyed around with masteries in season 3 to much, but it seems going pure offense on offensive champions tends to feel better in-game than going for things like tenacity or reduced MS slows - even on melee ADCs like Fiora. I'd say grab everything in Offense that seems to help, and possibly take 1 point in the defensive summoners for those games you want to run with Cleanse. Going with utility or Defense will generally cause your enemies to survive with 1 more hit more often than leaving you alive with more more hit.

For runes it depends on how confident you are in your support, and to a certain extent what map you're playing on - mostly for Quints and Seals. If you've got a solid support you may want to run with armor penetration quints - armor penetration helps out all of Vayne's skills save for silver bolts, and flat armor penetration is quite potent early-on when it can allow you to deal true damage. With silver bolts you're probably not going to pick up any armor-penetration items on Vayne either, so getting the armor penetration multiplier to help her weaker early-game stats - especially considering they tend to scale better than any other offensive runes throughout the game. Flat AD Quints and Marks are relatively popular as well, and will offer a more potent early-game damage and allow for easier last-hitting. If you're playing with randoms you might want to grab +health Quints though, that boost to health can make a lot of dicey situations more survivable.

You probably want to run with armor seals and magic resistance glyphs. I'd generally suggest getting flat-armor seals and per-level glyphs, as you're mostly facing physical damage early-game that can really decide how well you do pre level 9 in the lanning phase; but shouldn't be up against magical burst until you're level 9 or higher. EHP and DPS scale multiplicativly anyways, as the longer you survive the more damage you end up dealing. Being able to survive a 100%->0% combo with 5% of your HP can mean the difference of a fight you evaporate instantly and don't get assists to one you survive with 5% HP and clean up with a triple kill on. And while you can pick up items with survivability you're generally better picking up 2 committed damage items first as an ADC, were the game can likely end before you really start grabbing survival - so getting some in runes is a good way to go.

As for items that can very depending on the situation. I've generally gone Infinity Edge--> Phantom Dancer --> Trinity Force on her (while throwing a Vampiric Scepter somewhere in the mix). Critically Striking with a Final Hour Tumble on top of a Trinity Force proc is generally enough burst you can legitimately assassinate enemies with Vayne, playing off her assassin nature more than her sustained damage. It generally puts you in a solid mindset for a squishy champion as well, waiting for allies to engage before bursting out of nowhere, bursting down champions, and generally inspiring terror. Against teams that are more committed on focusing you down and making your early game torturous you're probably going to want a Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge as a first major item so you're harder to push out of lane and can maintain maximum health in the lanning phase. The Bloodthirster doesn't scale as well with Vayne's skills as it does most ADCs though, so if you can survive without it you're probably better off with an Infinity Edge instead.

You'll want one amazing survivability item on Vayne as her 3rd to 4th major item just to round out her scaling and keep her in fights. Which will generally be one of Quicksilver Sash, Banshee's Veil, or Guardian Angel. Quicksilver Sash is an obvious choice against opponents such as Malzahar and Mordekaiser than can take you out with one ultimate, and probably not a bad idea against a solid Sona that Crescendo's you're entire team. Guardian Angel is the best pick to counter diving compositions as it more or less forces that enemy to camp your body for 5 seconds rather than just jumping in and out, and the delay generally causes them to focus different targets, potentially bringing them low enough to ignore you when they really shouldn't. Guardian Angel is a much better item when your team is coordinated and sticking together though - if your caught out alone when you die the item is more or less worthless. It's also hany against champions with kill-re-sets, such as Katarina and Darius. As you won't give them a re-set for the kil8l. Banshee's Veil is really handy on those 100%->0% burst-casters, especially ones like LeBlanc and Annie that heavily rely on their first ability to set-up the rest of their burst, or against an Ashe or Caitlyn that likes starting fights out with an across-the-map initiation blast. Just remember, as far as defense goes you should be countering your opponent, not fallowing a cookie-cutter set-up. You only have room for around 1 defensive item if you're job is to deal damage, so you should make the item count.

If you play her on Dominion rushing Trinity Force as a first major purchase is generally a better idea than holding out for anything else, you get more chasing potential and some speed to put Silver Bolts to work without sacrificing much in the ways of burst. Having more kiting potential against all those bruisers and more health is incredibly handy as well. With Silver Bolts, and Vayne's capacity to both escape and push pursuer's backwards she's certainly one of the better RADCs to play in Dominion and viable there. From Tri Force I'd have gone Executioner's Calling in season 2 for the life-steal, though now I'd probably move from Tri Force to Bloodthirster. In modes like Dominion and Treelines you need to build a little tankier to accomplish much of anything, so you're generally better off picking up Mercury Treads is such maps over Berserker's Greaves. It's not a bad idea to go Hexdrinker+Wit's End if there's a snowballing Akali on the other team either.