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Support player looking for team or duo.

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Hey i'm a support player who would like some help raising my elo because it's hard to do that as a support in low elo.

I made my own application form to show a bit of stuff.



Time Zone:

Can you take and give Criticism?:
Yes I can take it , and I seek to improve my team mates as well.

(S3) highest Elo:
1274 , I got silver for season 2. This season I aim for gold or higher.

Are you able to keep track of jungle times?:
Yes , I also have a neat app for my phone that does it as well.

Main role:

Secondary role:

Best champs:
Support - Taric mainly , I can generally play all supports.
Jungle - Shaco mainly , I can generally play most junglers.

Explain above answer:
I main Taric because of his massive toolkit
I main Shaco because of his awesome ganking capability

Experience in LoL:
Been playing since beta

Experience outside LoL:
Played basically every known MOBA and I play many other online video games.

Computer Specs (Ram , processor and internet type.):
This laptop is just a beater laptop that gets the job done,i'm buying a desktop when I get the money to do so.
5GB ram
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M370 @ 2.40GHz
Wired internet with avaliable Wi-Fi

Will be given when and if I join you.

Working Mic?:

Why should we pick you over anyone else?:
Well , first because i'm freaking awesome. Second , I like to think i'm an awesome support player. Third even if you don't need a support i'm quite good at all roles.

Thanks for your time!

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hi seatosky. im a 1480 support player who is looking for a support myself for my adc smurf, with fresh elo. If you like i can try to coach you on how to be a better support and raise up elo after me/you think we can handle our roles and crush our lane every game, (this should happen before one should rank). If you are interested and want more info add my ign, holunmoonah.