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Recruiting For Arcadian TeleStrat

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Summoner Name:

Your ELO:

Are you looking for a permanent team?

Are you available for scheduled practice between 5 PM and 12 AM Pacific Standard Time on a daily basis and if so how many of those hours?

Can you take constructive criticism well?

What role are you applying for and other roles you play equally good at?

What are your three favorite champs for each role you listed above?
(Three champions for each role)

How long have you been playing that role for?

Do you have Skype?

What are your vices?
(ie. Bad Habits)

How many teams have you applied for within the last few days?

Extra Info:
(ie. Past teams, experiences and pretty much anything e-sport related)

Questions you have about or for the team:
(Don't hesitate to ask!)