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Matchmaking Explosion During Double IP Weekend.

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If everyone just chills out and like takes a bit of a break, it'll all be fixed before you know it, then everyone can get back to feeding as always haha

it's not really the end of the world if the boost doesn't get extended

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Balls in their court? Dumbass, ball was ALWAYS in their court. You never had it. They didn't HAVE to give every one double xp. You didn't do ANYTHING for it. They offered it up for free for everyone.

So what do you do when the servers are down and you can't make use of their free gift? You come to the forums and demand an extension? Stop being childish and assuming you're entitled to free IP. Should be thankful you f*cking got any in the first place.



Love how some people think that Riot owes them something. The game is free ffs.