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Well are you?

Yes its the best meta ever! 14 11.97%
No, i hate it! 69 58.97%
Its fine, i don't care. 27 23.08%
eh, its good. 7 5.98%
Voters 117 .

Are you enjoying this tanky/warmogs/black cleaver/bruiser meta?...

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I won't be enjoying "any" meta that involves protecting one specific person just because of his role and having someone on the team money starved. I don't care whether that's a healer, assassin, carry or whatever.

And that hasn't really changed thus far. There's still carry + support every game.

I don't care much whether we are building more tanky or more glass cannon, whether fights last 20 seconds or 8, even though I think the longer the fights are, the better, as it gives you more time to make decisions and actual plays. Problem is, burst and DPS(not using the acronym in the normal sense here) aren't balanced - you don't either chunk HP in large portions or small portions and arrive at the end roughly at the same time. You either chunk "all" HP or you're toast.

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